Shire is proud to provide a range of quality,  independent, personalised services to the retirement market – We look forward to being of service to you.

Development Consulting

The development of retirement villages is a specialist field and Shire consultants complete the standard professional team of developers who are planning or executing new retirement developments. Click here for details of projects that Shire has contributed to. Contact Shire for a discussion regarding the potential savings and other benefits that Shire can bring to your development.

Sales and Marketing

Shire has experience in the development of coherent marketing and sales plans for retirement villages, in close cooperation with advertising agencies. Shire can assist with the sale of Life Right units through the provision of a team of sales people that understand life rights and who understand the unique approach to selling retirement accommodation to older people. Contact Shire for quotations or further details.

Operations Consulting

Shire is able to assist both existing and new villages to establish practices that promote excellence through continuous improvement practices in the delivery of services to the residents of retirement villages. For further information, contact Shire directly through our Contact page.

Workshops and Training

    • Training of sales teams in life rights and the sale of retirement properties
    • Interactive workshops on considerations when buying your retirement home
    • Continuous personal development of staff and others serving retirement villages.
      • Carers
      • Managers
      • Trustees

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