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Residents choose the best candidate for the role as Deputy Care Manager

Residents choose the best candidate for the role as Deputy Care Manager

An architect and author who has lost his sight, a retired school teacher, and a former member of an Examination Board are on the hunt for a new deputy manager at the care home in which they live.

The panel of elderly residents who live at Renaissance Care’s Glencairn Care Home in Edinburgh, have teamed up with the home manager, to interview candidates for the role.

A former architect – Ian (94), is using his recruitment experience to help with candidate meetings. He will also offer a different perspective to each interview, using his loss of sight to deliver an unbiased approach that will allow him to pick up on aspects such as tone and hesitation as he listens intently.

Ian said: “It’s important that the future deputy manager is someone who is a supporter of the current manager and uses their initiative but takes no offence when any ideas are knocked back.”

The vision for the home has been decided by a committee of residents who will now make decisions on things such as recruitment, staff appraisals, décor, dining experiences and menus.

The staff at the care home live by the ethos that they are working in the residents’ home rather than the residents live in their place of work, and have committed to involving them in all future decision making.

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