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The clubhouse in a lifestyle and retirement village

As todays’ retiree’s lifestyle preferences continue to change, retirement offerings will have to adapt. The major difference between the former traditional retirement properties and those being developed today boils down to these lifestyle changes.

One of many amenities that constitute a successful lifestyle and retirement village, is a clubhouse. The clubhouse is not a luxury, but it summarises how a happy and healthy lifestyle should be.

A clubhouse is, in fact, the hub of all recreational activities under one roof. It is a place where each member of the family can find their space. It usually consists of a library, restaurant, chapel, gym, conference room and possibly a heated swimming pool and a hair & beauty salon. Apart from this, in many of the modern designs, there are outdoor courts. A one-roof solution for all recreation and fitness activities of a community.

Clubhouses are a great way to socialise. Since these clubhouses provide a common area to gather and engage in activities, it often brings people together. Moreover, it makes socialising pretty much easier without even going out of the gates of the community where you live.

For fitness enthusiasts, clubhouses are a great deal. This is where the gyms usually fit in. Most lifestyle and retirement villages come with a world-class gymnasium. With modern and good pieces of equipment, it helps in remaining fit and healthy.

Yet another advantage of having a spacious clubhouse is that it contains event holding spaces. Usually, there will be large open areas in a clubhouse which is used for gatherings and various social events.

For residents who enjoy reading, a library eliminates the need to go out of the estate in search of public reading spaces.

A clubhouse in a retirement village is a place which fosters community living. It brings people out of their homes and enables them to form part of a greater community.

These days people are more selective when it comes to buying a retirement home. Buyers are on the lookout for many factors and of course all of these factors together contribute to the value of their purchase. One such factor is the availability of a clubhouse. It has turned from a luxury to a necessity and thus an elementary part of retirement village living.

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A positive environment for residents and future buyers is key to create a happy estate

Estate Living’s Zeenat Moosa Hassan wrote:

“Creating a happy estate community is essential. Happy residents enhance the estate’s reputation creating greater demand for homes which pushes up property values.

Here are five things that can help make your estate a happier one:

  1. Don’t underestimate the value of the happy hormone

Location and price will always be the most important factors for buyers, but the community spirit (gees) is an important factor too.  If buyers have ticked the location and price box, then amenities and facilities which foster community and inclusivity can often be the deciding factor.

Allocate a decent budget for community-led projects, and give the task of researching, implementing, and reviewing their effectiveness to a dedicated individual or team.

  1. Start with the basics

Buyers are attracted to estates that offer

  • amenities,
  • good security,
  • privacy and
  • a comfortable lifestyle.

These are core non-negotiables so make sure you don’t neglect them in your pursuit of community inclusivity.

Estates fortunate enough to have onsite facilities such as community centres, gyms, pools, restaurants, and sports amenities are in high demand because they offer a more relaxed and carefree lifestyle for the whole family. Mangers should do all they can to keep these facilities in optimal condition.

Post Covid-19 buyers and residents are also prioritising other comforts too. Many residents are now realising they can do business without having to commute daily to and from offices or sit for hours in traffic. To offer them the perfect lifestyle and happiness, things like having exceptional fibre to the home offering is essential.

  1. Focus on green spaces

Research shows that spending just twenty minutes outdoors a day, especially in green spaces, is one of the fastest ways to improve health and happiness.

Buyers want to buy into an estate that is beautiful and well managed. Western Cape estates have outdone themselves with gardens, water features, streams, walking paths and in some cases even vegetable gardens. Buyers are very excited by this, so it really is a no brainer.

Similarly, estates that are self-sustainable and offer energy and water security are quickly becoming the ones to watch when it comes to creating that happy, feel-good atmosphere.

  1. One size doesn’t fit all

Creating inclusivity can be challenging on a larger estate with different residents from different backgrounds and ages, but it isn’t impossible. Some of the larger estates hosts numerous community centres, each appealing to a different portion of the estate community.

By segmenting amenities and facilities, management can easily notice gaps in their service offering.

  1. Communication is key

Creating and maintaining a culture of open and transparent engagement is one of the best ways of understanding the needs of residents and making them feel valued.”

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Longevity gifts us with more years and choices that need to be made around life, work, and family. In our parents’ generation the establishment of “old age” homes and nursing facilities were a choice many made as part of their plan beyond their working life. The next generation, known to many as the baby boomers are now aged 56 to 74. They have many more options and choices. To find out more, click here.