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Freedom, friendship and fitness in retirement

Freedom, friendship and fitness in retirement

After more than a year of living in a pandemic, many are experiencing heightened levels of physical and mental stress as the constant health risks and financial insecurity continue to impact lives. For high-risk communities, such as the more mature, this stress is compounded even further. With lockdown measures and the threat of the Covid-19 pandemic set to continue for some time yet, it’s vital that those looking into retirement to consider freedom, friendship and fitness, when choosing a place to stay.

1. Freedom

Despite stringent lockdown regulations, residents of nature-based estates do not experience the sense of confinement suffered by those living in cities and apartments. Estates that boast 24-hour security allow residents to take full advantage of nature walks. Coastal retirement estates, in particular, have attracted significant attention throughout lockdown as people seek the expansive sea and mountain views and relaxed living.

2. Friendship

The social distancing required to lower the risk of infection has shown the importance of human interaction in happy living. Retirement or mature-lifestyle estates tend to attract like-minded individuals that create a valuable sense of community through low-touch activities, events and socially-driven initiatives. This allows for residents to enjoy safe, social interaction while remaining engaged.

3. Fitness

Physical health is connected to mental health and this is increasingly important as one ages. Doing some form of daily exercise will improve mental health among seniors. While maintaining optimum health during the pandemic has proved challenging for most, it’s a lot easier for those residing in nature-based retirement estates. There are many nature trails for running or walking as well as professionally-supervised exercise classes.

Living in lockdown with the freedom of movement, strong friendships and nature-based facilities that encourage improved overall fitness result in improved wellbeing and a quality lifestyle.

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