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Trends affecting the retirement industry and how to address them

The retirement industry is a growing industry.  As with any growing industry it is vital to take stock of what is happening, what are the potential problem areas and brainstorm how these problematic areas could be ironed out.  It is important to study the trends that affect that specific industry.

At this year’s Retirement Village Managers Summit, taking place from 31 July to 3 August 2018, many of these issues will be discussed. MC and first speaker of the day – Rob Jones: MD of Shire Retirement Properties, will be presenting the following case:


 This presentation seeks to highlight and discuss a number of perceived international and local Retirement Industry trend drivers and resultant trends. In keeping with the focus and theme of this conference, a number of practical approaches to deal with each of the trends from a retirement village management perspective will be covered.

Whilst many of the significant international trends are well known and understood within the retirement village management industry, there are some trends that are less obvious and which may have far-reaching implications, especially for the management of villages and perhaps more specifically, the care service facilities within those villages.

Amongst the well-known drivers are the baby-boomer generation and longevity, which are causing a number of significant trends. Factors that are less often presented at retirement conferences are matters such as:

  • democratisation,
  • culture shift,
  • immigration,
  • gender equality,
  • sexual orientation,
  • artificial intelligence,
  • personal rights,
  • connectivity and
  • information technology.

While some of these affect some countries more than others (e.g. the European immigration from North Africa and the Middle-East), the local retirement industry has some very specific challenges to face in the coming years. These include:

  • having to prepare for the future demand from previously disadvantaged retirees,
  • adapting to the dementia challenge and
  • bringing a practical and affordable reality to the goals of holistic and person-centred care.

All of this whilst the government is focusing on other, perhaps more pressing challenges (from their perspective).

The potential impacts on the international and local retirement industry will be considered, together with the specific impacts on the management of retirement villages. Some mitigating approaches and solutions will be suggested for consideration by the delegates.

Other topics that will be covered on the summit are:

  • A day in the life of a Manager and what skills and resources are required for optimal performance and management
  • Future designs of architecture focusing on Dementia
  • How to skill up non-skilled workers to become caring successful care partners
  • Eden Alternative
  • Do Age-in-place solutions compete or compliment retirement villages?
  • How effective accounting systems can drive profitability
  • Tips on using Lean to optimize operations and savings

A retirement village is as good as its’ Management but how well the facility is managed, is what attracts people to live there.

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